5 on Friday: 03/05/19

It’s Friday, and here on No Rerolls that means it’s time for an all-new 5 on Friday.  We’re going to start with 5 exciting releases for this week before moving on to our usual digest of some of our favourite articles from the past week. Of course, we’re slow readers, so don’t be surprised if there are some articles that are a little older – these are just some of the great articles we happen to have actually read in the past week.

Releases and Previews

Every week there are many games and miniatures released. This will probably be a mix of previews, preorders and releases, and with release dates being the way they are in this industry, it’s always pretty approximate. Excuses out of the way, here are 5 of the releases that caught our attention this week:

Catalyst announces a new edition of Shadowrun – Shadowrun has a setting and style that I really like.  I’ve had a flip through the fifth edition book and have come close a few times to buying it.  I’m actually glad I decided against it last time, given this latest news from Catalyst.  Sixth edition is coming out soon.  That’s not ‘soon’ in a vague way, but actually SOON.  This summer, to be exact!

I think this will be the right jumping-on point for me to finally get into Shadowrun.  It’s always easier to stay on top of a system when you get in on the ground floor of a new edition.  it’s the same approach I’ve taken with D&D, Paranoia and Traveller.

Battle Systems releases Core Space – I have some terrain from Battle Systems’ first Kickstarter, and I was quite pleased with the quality.  This new stuff looks even better!  It’s also built with a cool Skirmish game in mind.  The miniatures are pretty nice, too.

core space

I really like the look of this, and I’ll be having a look at the rules soon to see if it’s for me.  Even if you don’t end up playing the game itself, the whole setup, including the terrain and miniatures would work really well for other skirmish game, such as Rogue Stars.  Definitely worth a look!

Fight! 2nd Edition up on Kickstarter – A good few years ago, when White Wolf was still a decent company putting out good games, they released a Street Fighter RPG using the same general system as their World of Darkness Games.  There have been a few other games since that have tried to capture the feel of fighting games on the tabletop.  This roleplaying game is another such offering and an interesting one at that.

fight 2.png

At $20 for the softcover edition, it’s pretty well priced for an RPG, and the artwork that’s been revealed so far is really beautiful.  As with Core Space, I’m keen to take a flip through the rules and see how it would fit me.  I’m less sold on this than I am on Core Space, but it’s certainly interesting and looks like it’s going to be a beautiful production.

Cubicle 7 releases Starter Set for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Ed. – I’ve previously played the first and second editions of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, and I’ve generally enjoyed them.  They’re not my favourite games, but I like how the jobs system works and I really love the setting.  It’s nice to see the game have a return to form after a third edition that did not go down well with fans.

wfrp4e starter.PNG

This starter set is intended, as all such sets are, to be a jumping-on point for new players.  It will include a cut-down core rulebook, an adventure, some maps and handouts, ready-made characters and some sort of GM screen.  It also seems to have some custom dice from Q Workshop.  I’m keen to see these, as it’s unusual for these sets to have anything other than standard dice.

Games Workshop releases new Keeper of Secrets – Over the past few years, Games Workshop have put out amazing Greater Daemon models for most of their Chaos Gods.  Even the Horned Rat, a lesser Chaos God got his Verminlord daemon.  The only Chaos God left without such a model was the Prince of Pleasure, Slaanesh.  Now, Games Workshop have addressed this slight by releasing a fantastic, new plastic kit for the Keeper of Secrets:

keeper of secrets.jpg

Fantastic!  I like all of the options available in the kit, especially the shield that the Daemon can carry.  I need to finish my Tzeentch Daemons, including a Greater Daemons.  I’d then like to expand my Nurgle ones.  Ultimately, I’d love to then add some Slaanesh, to have a proper Daemonic horde, representing all of the Chaos powers.  That will take a while, though!

Blog Posts/Articles

The meat of 5 on Friday, the articles are listed in no particular order, so let’s get into some recommendations:

A Fully Painted Army in 24 Hours @ Hellfire Hobbies – I really like the idea of this article.  That someone can paint a whole in 24 hours is pretty alien to me, but I really like the simple style at play here.  I get, as the author says, that there’s not much in the way of detail work, but it works well with these models and the overall effect of the army is really impressive when taken as a whole.  I’d have liked to see some closer pictures, just to see how much – or little – detail there really is.

Deck building is a ton of fun! @ troytlepower – Deck building is a ton of fun, yes!  They’re one of my favourite types of games, and they certainly make it onto my table with quite some frequency.  It helps that my wife likes these games.  This article sees the author reflect on several deck building games that they have recently tried.  They run through the general principles of the genre and do a bit of comparison between a couple of different games.  It’s great to see people enjoying fantastic games!

Mental Health Awareness Month: 4 Games That Helped Save My Mental Health @ The Meeple Street – An interesting read, and one close to my own heart.  The author describes an experience not entirely unlike my own, and it’s good to hear about these games helping people.  I especially sympathise with the author’s thoughts on D&D, which has been a bit of a social lifeline for me in the past year, as reflected in this year’s top 50 list.

Why You Should Be Playing Kill Team @ The Sentry Box – I should be playing Kill Team, shouldn’t I?  I’ve had the box for a while, but I’ve still only played a single game.  I do need to get back on this horse…  The author shares 5 reasons for you to get into Kill Team and they are all really good ones.  I especially like the final point about really customising your forces.  I love seeing customised teams that show off the creativity of the community.  Lots of cool pictures in this article, too!

Five TTRPG Characters I’ve Played @ Gretchen Turonek – RPG characters are interesting things.  They the avatars through which we visit fantastical worlds.  Thing is, I find it hard to come up with good characters that really stick for me.  I don’t always know if I really “get” the character until I’ve spent some time playing with them.  Some have worked.  Some have not.  It’s always cool to read about the characters that others put together and what each of the characters means to the player.  Thanks for sharing!

It’s been a few weeks since the last 5 on Friday, but here we are!  Since then, I’ve not posted much – just a quick rundown of a 3D Printing-themed Humble Bundle.

Catch you later!

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