Throwback Thursday: Playing in the Star Wars Galaxy

There’s some older content on this blog that I’m rather proud of but which doesn’t really get read any more.  This is natural as people are always looking for the newest thing out there.  Heck, we do it every friday!

With that in mind, I reckon it would be fun to, on the first Thursday of every month (we’re a little late this month as it had not occurred to me at that point!), share an older post that makes us proud.

This month’s offering, submitted for your perusal, is all about Star Wars.  We’re actually looking at a pair of posts for this one, published in April and May of 2016.  This was a time of newness, back when I used to put a lot more effort into our header images:


It was also a time when we had a different layout, meaning that these images aren’t wide enough to look right in our current setup.  They’re just not wide enough, y’see?

The posts take a quick glance over roleplaying in a galaxy far, far away.  The first post in this two-part series looks at the game that had come before.  Specifically, it tackles the classic West End Games Star Wars RPG and the D20-based Wizards of the Coast games.

The second post covers the current offerings from Fantasy Flight games, with their various interconnected lines.  A couple of fan-made conversions are also covered.  These are the ones that seemed promising at the time.  There may well be others, now!

These were early posts on NoRerolls and were a joy to right.  They don’t go into incredible depth on the topic, as that’s never really been our style.  They gave a good overview of the games that serviced a fantastic setting.

Take a look, and we’ll be on a more regular schedule for Throwback Thursdays from next month!

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