Our Top 10 Posts of 2020

Another year, another nice increase in traffic. I think this might be the year that we stop doubling our visitors and views, as we have since 2016. I’m delighted with that growth but I’m not sure it’s sustainable!

So, what articles brought in the most visitors last year? For the purposes of this list, I’m only going to focus on articles that were published in 2020, rather than perennial favourites.

  1. Shards of the Space Gods: Alternative C’Tan Miniatures – I love doing this sort of article. Games Workshop makes absolutely beautiful miniatures, but there are so many other companies and individuals making some really great products. I enjoy finding and sharing these models with others. I had a lot of fun researching this article and I have bought one of the miniatures that I showcase and another that I discovered later. That this was written when I was deep in my Necron obsession is delightfully obvious. I’m really glad that people seemed to enjoy this article as much as I did!
  2. Blood Bowl Alt Minis Part 2: Dwarfs and Skaven – Another alternative miniatures article. Again, I just like writing these! The Skaven and Dwarf teams are two of my favourites for Blood Bowl, so I found this article a lot more fun to research and write than the first instalment. I have a couple of other entries in this series sitting half-finished in my drafts. I should definitely get part 3 written up – it has been a year…
  3. Sandstone Necrons: Phase 1 – The second Necron article in my roundup (that will be a recurring theme this year!), this is a showcase of the first phase of my Necron army. It’s just the Necron half of my first Indomitus box. The scheme I used was devised by Guy, of the YouTube channel Midwinter Minis. Lots of people seem to be using the scheme, but that doesn’t bother me. I’m delighted with how they look and with my own progress with the army over the past year.
  4. On the Satisfaction of Painting with Texture: Sandstone Necrons – whereas the previous post was the showcase of finished Necron miniatures, this is a record of the process used to paint them. The images from the article were taken from pictures I took for Instagram or our club Discord. As such, the images are a tad scattered and not the best to illustrate each phase, but I got so swept up in enjoying the process of working my way through the army that I really wanted to write it up! Evidently, people enjoyed reading it, too.
  5. Review: Warcraft 5E Manual of Monsters – A previous review of the Warcraft 5E Players Handbook was one of my top posts of 2019 and was actually my second most popular post of 2020, but as it was published in the previous year, it is not eligible for this list.  The Monster Manual, being an unfinished product, lacked the polish that the PHB had.  That said, even without being finished it was better than a lot of third party D&D books.  I can’t wait for the team behind this book to make some more progress, as I think this will be an absolute cracker of a book and I’d love to run a game in Azeroth.
  6. Adventures in Middle-Earth, Cubicle 7, the Uncertainty of Licensing, and a Humble Bundle – I didn’t do as many bundle posts in 2020, but this one seemed to get some attention.  The bundle itself was nice, but I enjoyed using as a bit of a springboard to discuss licensed games – those based on an intellectual property that is not owned by the developers of the game.  It’s something I find interesting as a license attracts a lot of attention, but does put you somewhat at the mercy of another company if they decide the revoke or move a license.  Double edged sword and all, that, y’know?
  7. Review: Beta edition of the Stargate RPG – Back before lockdown I tested the Stargate RPG from Wyvern Games.  I actually accidently typed Starcraft there, initially.  That would be cool, too…  Anyway, I ran a session of the Stargate RPG and had a lot of fun.  It was very much in the “adventure of the week” format that came with the TV show, and that’s great.  That’s how it’s meant to play.  I like that it’s based on 5E, but doesn’t feel too much like it’s just a sci-fi cover pasted over a fantasy game.  I was quite happy that this got some views, as I did put some work in and actually did some playtesting!  
  8. Sandstone Necrons: Phase 2 – As above, this is really just a gallery of the Necron miniatures I painted this year.  Whereas the first phase of the army was an Indomitus box, this set saw me branching out somewhat.  I’d pick out my favourites from this post, but there are so many.  I love the Command Barge, Szeras, and the Wraiths.  The Wraiths were a total pain to build and paint, but they do look splendid.  Szeras is so imposing as well.  His old model was quite goofy-looking, but his newer, bigger one is really cool.  I’ll be posting soon with the beginnings of Phase 3 of this army.
  9. Step Through the Stargate: Playtest for Wyvern Games – Stargate is a franchise that I really love, and one that I got to explore in this post.  I took a look at the various TV shows and movies that came out, as well as previous board, card and roleplaying games.  I shared a little about an unfinished RPG and then, finally, I took a look at the then-upcoming new RPG from Wyvern.  As you will know from above, I did go on and try it out, myself.
  10. Phase 2 of My Necron Army – In Progress – Rounding out my list, and ensuring that exactly half of the items on this list are Necron-related, this was a planning post.  In it, I laid out my intentions for not only Phase 2 of my army, but also future phases.  I met my goal and painted everything in Phase 2.  My original plan for Phase 3, as laid out here, is largely intact, but has also slightly grown to also include another overlord and some C’Tan.  


Posts like 5 on Friday bring me in a steady stream of regular people, and that’s nice. It’s nice to feel like I’m sharing cool stuff with a group of regulars. More original content seems to bring in a lot more new people. That’s really great, as I enjoy making this content.

In 2020, we had more painting articles that normal because… well, I was actually painting. That was a nice change. With goals to complete more Necrons and start a Gloomspite Gitz army, I’m hoping to have more such stuff to share!

Perennially popular articles are reviews of RPG items. My Warcraft 5E reviews and my Changeling review are strong evidence of that.

Honestly, I’m not looking to have what I post here significantly influenced by traffic, because I’m never going to have a big audience. What’s nice is that the content I most enjoy making is generating me the most traffic. People who come here are of a like mine, and that’s exactly what I want.

Coming up soon on NoRerolls, you should expect an article on a bundle that i currently available, and which I like the look of, another on interesting, niche army lists from Games Workshop over the years, and more Necrons!


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