Checking in on the Hobby Vows

Back in January our local games club, the Northern Knights, began looking at “Hobby Vows”, a set of targets for our painting in 2021. People started putting in their various targets of 1,000 points of this, 2,500 of that and the like. Many people did multiple vows.

I got carried away. Overambitious, perhaps. I set my vows thusly:

  • 4,000 points of Gloomspite Gits
  • 3,000 points of Necrons
  • 1,500 points of Nurgle

So, we’re a little over halfway through the year and how are we doing?

I’m very much behind schedule, but I’m also feeling pretty positive.

First of all, looking at what I have finished or nearly finished, I feel really good. Second, the goals are aspirational. They give me something to work towards and they are motivating me, but if I don’t quite reach them then, hey, I don’t quite reach them. That said, let’s take a look with where I am with my three current projects.

Garden of Nurgle

This was a slightly later addition to my goals, based largely on an idea that crossed my mind and a local “enabler” who dropped off a big bag of spare Sylvaneth parts. I’ve enjoyed putting these miniatures together, combining parts from the Nurgle and Sylvaneth ranges. I’ve recently also added a Lumineth kit into the mix as well, but you’ll see more of that, I hope, at the end of the month. At the moment, I have the following miniatures build:

  • 1 Daemon Prince (based on Drycha)
  • 3×10 Plaguebearers
  • 1 Poxbringer
  • 1 Sloppity Bilepiper
  • 1 Horticulous Slimux

That’s a total of 1030 points. In addition, I am working on the following:

  • 1 Daemon Prince (based on the old, metal Great Unclean One)
  • 3 Beasts of Nurgle
  • 3 Feculent Gnarlmaws

This represents a further 570 points, bringing me above my target with a total of 41 models. The Gnarlmaws, unfortunately, do not actually have a point cost, but I really need them to develop the army along the theme that I’m going for.

I’ve not started painting any of these yet, and I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to paint them, but I’m enjoying the project so far!

Beyond this goal, I would hope to expand the army to include some miniatures that I already have sitting unbuilt, such as a third Daemon Prince (based on a model from Heresy Miniatures), some Nurglings, Plague Drones, and more Plaguebearers. Hell, maybe even a Great Unclean as a reward if I can clear the rest of the army!


I made some really great progress with my Necrons last year. I went all-in on Necrons when Indomitus came out and I managed to finish a decent amount of miniatures:

  • HQ
    • Catacomb Command Barge
    • Illuminator Szeras
    • Overlord
    • Plasmancer
    • Royal Warden
    • Skorpekh lord
  • Troops
    • 5 Tesla Immortals
    • 4×10 Flayer Warriors
  • Elites
    • 2 Canoptek Plasmacytes
    • 2 Canoptek Reanimators
    • 4 Cryptothralls
    • 2×3 Skorpekh Destroyers
  • Fast Attack
    • 4×3 Canoptek Scarab Swarms
    • 3 Canoptek Wraiths
    • 3 Tomb Blades

These 83 miniatures came to a total of 2,155 points without upgrades. The upgrades, especially to characters, would add considerably to the total. You can click here and here for the first two phases of the army.

Moving forward, my goal is to add in the following models:

  • HQ
    • Overlord (original metal Necron Lord)
    • 3 Chronomancers
    • Technomancer
  • Troops
    • 2×10 Reaper Warriors
  • Dedicated Transports
    • 2 Ghost Arks
  • Elites
    • C’tan Shard of the Deceiver
    • C’tan Shard of the Nightbringer
    • C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon
    • Triarch Stalker
  • Fast Attack
    • 5×3 Canoptek Scarab Swarms
    • 10 Triarch Praetorians
  • Heavy Support
    • 3 Canoptek Doomstalkers

This lot of 59 miniatures would come to a total of 3,070 points. So far, these are all built and I’ve done an initial priming. I need to apply some textures before another spray of Zandri Dust and then on with the painting. The exceptions here are the three Chronomancers, which I have not yet started, and the three C’tan. The Nightbringer and Deceiver aren’t built yet and the Void Dragon has his base colours down. The Void Dragon is the only one that is actually a Games Workshop miniature. The other two are alternative, as explored in my posts about alternative C’tan miniatures. You can find those by clicking here and here.

Beyond this goal, I have a few more models to add, including a second Plasmancer, another 20 Reaper Warriors, 10 Flayed Ones, another 3 Canoptek Wraiths, the store anniversary Cryptek, Trazyn, and The Silent King. I’d also like the add some of the Ossiarch Bonereaper character sculpts as character models for use in Crusade. You know, have a bit of personality in there?

Gloomspite Gitz

The Gloomspite Gitz were my planned new army for the 2021. I always liked the idea of doing either a Squig army or a Troggoth one. With the Christmas Battleforce being split between Squigs and Troggoths my thought became ‘Why not both?’.

So, I made a start on the content of those boxes and also picked up some other miniatures. I shifted some priorities to fit around some of the painting contests run by our local gaming club, but have generally focused on the mounted squig units. In a fully painmted state, I have:

  • 1 Troggoth Hag
  • 1 Loonboss on Giant Squig
  • 1 Loonboss on Mangler Squigs
  • 2×5 Squig Hoppers

This brings me to a current total of 950 points across 13 models, almost a quarter of the way to my goal.

My work in progress pile currently contains the following:

  • 2×10 Boingrot Bounders
  • 1 Mangler Squigs
  • 1 Loonboss on Giant Squig
  • 4×3 Rockgut Troggoths

These 34 models are at various stages of completion. The Bounders and the Loonboss are very nearly done, with only some details to finish and then a few corrections. The Troggoths mostly have their base colours down and my initial test miniature is pretty much done. These should not take long once I return to them, following the completion of the Bounders. The Mangler Squigs are the furthest from being done. The base is done and the red is down. next up would be the metal.

Taking all of this together, along with the miniatures that I have already finished, I’m looking at a total of 2,260 points.

Now, to expand this further, I’ve got the following miniatures primed and ready to go:

  • 4×12 Squigs & Handlers
  • 1 Dankhold Troggboss
  • 1 Fungoid Cave Shaman
  • 1 Gobbapalooza (5 miniatures)
  • 1 Dankhold Troggoth
  • 2x Aleguzzler Gargants
  • Skragrott, the Loonking
  • Bad Moon Loonshrine

These additional 56 models would bring me up to 4,070 points, bringing me over the finishing line for my goal. I see this as very achievable. The most frustrating bit will be the basing for the 40 Squigs and their 8 Handlers. I’m going to hate that bit…

I actually have more plans for this army beyond this initial 4,000 point goal. I’ll have both Troggoth and Squig detachments, and that’s great. I’ve also now built around 2,000 points of a Spider detachment, complete with 50 Spider Riders, 3 Arachnaroks, a couple of footslogging Shamans, and a Boss on a big spider. In addition to this, I also have a ton of old Night Goblin miniatures that I can rebase and field as a core Gitz force. These would mostly be Skull Pass gobbos, a couple of metal bosses and a lot of metal shamans. This core of actual goblins is what I’m missing in my projected goblin army. I think these miniatures will be very quick to get painted up. That would be after I finish my other current goals, of course.

On the Horizon

I’ve got a lot of ideas for what comes next once I do clear some of these projects. I will be doing another wishlisting article in the near future (probably next week) with some of the things I’d like to consider once at least one of these projects is off the slate. I’ve also made no secret of wanting to look at some smaller projects based on Osprey’s series of wargames. I’ve got a couple of half-finished Frostgrave warbands, a stack of old diecast cars to convert up for Gaslands, and some cool Old West miniatures from Foundry that I picked up at either Carronade or Claymore a decade ago, and which would make a great start towards some crews for Dracula’s America.

Again, if I manage to meet my ambitious targets this year, then great. With my current plan, that’s 203 miniatures. That’s a lot for me, and it’s getting late in the year. Summer is always more productive for me, though! If I don’t quite make the targets, then they’ve been a decent motivation and it’s all a bit of fun!


    1. Still think I may have bitten off more than I can chew – not for the first time.

      I think I have a healthy view on it though. I’d like to meet the goals, but if I don’t, that’s Ok, so long as I get some motivation out of them.


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