Hobby Update 17/06/18: All the Dungeons, All the Dragons

It’s been a roleplay-heavy week, this one.  Rest assured, that is most definitely not a complaint!  Specifically, I’ve been to two games of Dungeons & Dragons with two different groups.

First up was a group that has only recently formed.  Indeed, this was only our second meeting, but we’re starting to along very well.  I’ve made a point of going a very different character to my usual choices, picking out a Half-Orc Cleric.  I mentioned him last week.


I got to do a bit more healing this week, and also melt some faces.  The combat encounters in this session were really good!  It’s also the first time I’ve used a map/tokens/miniatures in an RPG.  That’s going better than I thought it would, though it’s not my first choice for how I usually play.

On Thursday, I played in another session with my usual gaming group at the Northern Knights.  I took up the mantle of my Tiefling Sorceror, Flick.  He seems to be slowly realising that there is more to power than throwing fireballs around.  There’s also Lightning!  Flickachu!


The highlight of this session for my character was during the last big fight when, yes, I managed to throw a ball of concentrated lightning at an enemy, but in doing so also managed to turn every creature in the room – friend or foe – invisible.  Chaos, hilarity and blood ensued.

Lookin’ forward to seeing where both of these campaigns go!

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