Bundle of Holding: Paranoia (The New One)

There are certain games for which I am truly an evangelist.  Paranoia is definitely one of those games.  It’s not the game I’d choose to play every week, but it’s such a great experience when you do get to break it out.  It gives great opportunities for one-shot silliness.  I loved the 2nd edition of the game but have also gotten into the latest edition from Mongoose Publishing.  And hey, just look, there’s a Bundle of Holding out for this edition!

Isn’t that nice?

That question was entirely rhetorical.  Of course it’s nice.

As is usual for these bundles, it’s been broken down into two tieirs.  The first tier, costing a reasonable $19.95, will get you the following:

The core Red Clearance boxed set is a fantastic product and usually costs £29.99 for the PDFs.  You get the rulebook, a GM’s guide and a mission book.  In the physical box, there are also some decks of cards and some dice, including a cool ‘Friend Computer’ dice.  As such, you’re missing out a little bit with the PDFs, but they will give you what you need.  The forms pack is a very useful addition to the bundle, too.  The GM screen, though?  I have it.  It’s fine.  I wouldn’t see any use for the PDF version, though.  I generally don’t see much point in PDF version of GM screens.

Overall, this is decent value, but the nature of the boxed set would see me preferring the physical edition.  Then again, if you’re planning to run some games online then this is perfect for you.

The second tier is priced on a threshold and is currently sitting at $33.96.  It has a lot of content, including:

The Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues boxed set (quite the mouthful) is a fantastic set.  I really enjoyed reading it and it is – by far – the best item in this tier.  For fans of the classic Edition of Paranoia, it’s also a nice throwback, being a remastered edition of a classic offering.  The other items are adventures and sourcebooks and they’re good for what they are.  The highlight is definitely the boxed set, though.

All in all, this is a decent bundle, but perhaps one where several items are better suited to physical editions.  I’d definitely recommend this game and this bundle, though.  Some of the proceed will also go to a good cause, namely Human Rights Watch.

You can click here to view the bundle and perhaps even pick it up.

Hope to catch you Alpha Complex, friend!

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