Chapter Creation Contest: the Results

I recently posted the entrants for our local gaming club’s Space Marines Chapter Creation Contest. Following voting, we now have some results.

The voting was split into two sections, wherein contestants were ranked in their paint scheme and on the background or lore they produced for their chapter.

In the rankings below, you can click on the links to visit individual chapter pages.

So, yeah, the results:

Painting Results

  1. Knights of Nihilus – 40pts
  2. Imperial Stalkers – 37pts
  3. Vermillion Dogs – 29pts
  4. Blazoned Warriors – 26pts
  5. Solis Basilisks – 22pts

Background/Lore Results

  1. Knights of Nihilus – 48pts
  2. Claws of Man – 46pts
  3. Solis Basilisks – 28pts
  4. The Remembered Dead – 24pts
  5. Vermillion Dogs – 16pts

Overall Results

  1. Knights of Nihilus – 88pts
  2. Claws of Man – 68pts
  3. Solis Basilisks – 50pts
  4. Vermillion Dogs – 45pts*
  5. Imperial Stalkers – 45pts*

*ties broken by number of higher-placed rankings from individual voters.

And there we have it, a fierce contest! I’m happy to have picked up a second place finish.


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