Northern Knight: Chapter Creation Contest

In the latest of a series of painting contests over the succession of lockdowns that we have endured, The Northern Knights have run a chapter creation contest. Here are the links to each of the entries, followed by information about the contest itself:

Contest Entries

The Blazoned Warriors

The Claws of Man

The Fighting Adders

The Imperial Stalkers

Knights of Nihilus

The Light Vultures

Mortem Spectres

Omega Hawks

The Remembered Dead

The Shadow Hounds

Solis Basilisks

Terran Invictors

The Vermillion Dogs

Painting/Voting Rules

  • Must be a Space Marine Infantry miniature and cannot be a named character, however you may use named characters for parts/kit-bashing etc.
  • Minimum 3 colours, must be fully based (clear bases do not count) and cannot be on a base greater than 40mm round. (This means you cannot enter vehicles, bikes etc., it must be an infantry entry.) You can add diorama style bases but this should not significantly exceed the standard base size, if unsure then confirm with Ray.
  • Avoid pre-existing or famous colour schemes where possible (appreciate with the huge number of marines this isn’t easy but try not to just copy a scheme that exists).
  • Conversion/Kit-bashing fully encouraged however the chapter must be loyal servants of the imperium, while they don’t have to be golden boy Ultramarines, NO CHAOS SPACE MARINES can be submitted as an entry. (We’ll do a chaos version and likely a xenos version at some point).
  • Your chapter’s gene-seed is entirely up to you, but may be listed as unknown if you want a little intrigue.
  • You may choose your own chapter name, however Ray will be hosting a live randomized name drawing via discord (@2pm on Saturday on Discord) for those who want a bit more of a challenge, you will be given a randomized name to work from drawn from a name generator.
  • If you cannot think of a name or are unsure on how to proceed with a given name, you may use the club name (Northern Knights) as the basis, as the intention of the contest is to create a club specific chapter, however you can always come up with whatever you like, randomized names are for challenge/fun and not legally binding.
  • Voting will be based on two elements, you will receive a score based on your miniature submitted via voting and you will receive a score for your submitted chapter form which will be given to you on Saturday via this discord. So both your colour scheme and the chapters illustrious history will contribute to your score!

Submission Requirements

  • Chapter Name: (Choose a name, have one randomized or use ‘Northern Knights’ as inspiration)
  • Chapter Symbol: (Can be a quick doodle, photoshop, added to the mini or even just a description)
  • Gene-seed: (Name a parent chapter or you can list them as ‘Unknown’)
  • Chapter Master Name: (Name a chapter master, or whatever your chapter calls a chapter master)
  • Codex Adherent: Y/N (E.g. Do they use standard company markings, do they employ more of certain units?)
  • Favoured Tactics: (A few words/statements that explain your chapter’s fighting style or favoured units)
  • Chapter Traits: (See Codex: Space Marines for Chapter Traits, you may choose from successor/parent traits)
  • Battlecry: (What is your chapter’s battlecry or famous litany that they chant going into battle?)
  • History / Interesting Information: (Short description of your chapter, aiming for ideally at least 50-100 words but do as much as you like, we just want to know what they are about, where/how they fight, do they have any odd traits/rituals, are they an ultima founding or a more ancient chapter? Do they have a home planet? Have they been involved in any major conflicts or have any famous deeds/heroes?)[3:22 PM]